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    planet before profit

    Our great new web-store launches in just a few weeks,
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    meanwhile, have a look at what makes us so unique.

  • Human Rights

    Who really pays for that gorgeous new tablet PC?

    We show you which brands respect people.

    Young girl holding some bullets

    Imagine a world free of poverty and conflict.

  • Animal Rights

    What are the side effects of your shopping?

    We show you the brands that respect life.

    Pencil sketch of a baby Orang-utan

    Imagine a world free of abuse.

  • Nature's Rights

    What about the price of that latest model?

    We show you the brands that respect nature.

    The beautiful Athabasca Delta wetlands threatened by the massive water consumption and toxic tailings ponds of the tar sands.

    Imagine a world free of devastation.

  • Integrity

    And who's paying government to look the other way.

    We show you the brands that respect society.

    Vast networks of roads utterly devastate the Athabasca Delta and surrounding boreal forests.

    Imagine a world free of corruption.

We want to help you live a better life, benefiting from technology and 'stuff' but not ruled by it. We'll help you buy better quality, more ethical products when you need them and avoid wasting your time and hard earned money when you don't.

So you can spend less of your life working to pay for things you didn't need and more doing the really important stuff like being with friends and family and celebrating being a part of Nature.


Honest Advice

We give honest advice that puts you back in control - using, fixing, and upgrading without the marketing nonsense tricking you into wasting your money on stuff you don't need. You buy when you need to, not because you got conned into thinking it will make you live happily ever after.


the whole truth

Every manufacturer is rated so you instantly see all the hidden costs - not just the price tag - to humans, animals, environments, and society. The whole truth, right there, 'on the shelf next to the price' - putting you in control of whether your hard earned money is used to hurt or help your world.

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Doing Good

We are a non-profit social enterprise so, when you buy from us, at least 60% of the profits are donated to partners and community projects that make your world better; the rest is invested in the business so we can do more good - no 'fat cat' shareholders here!